Cloud video storage

Live video stream with instant video playback

Now you can allow your visitors to view archived recordings and review events directly on your website

Rich video player

  • Video hub allows you to easily switch between live video, video footages and time-lapse clips.
  • Easily locate events using the Storage timeline.
  • Date and timestamp are included in the video clips, so you will always know when the clips were made.
  • Instant playback allows you to play the last 15 min back with a single click.
  • On the control bar you can adjust the playback speed, zoom into the video or you can easily download clips in MP4 format.

Take advantage of the video storage

  • Anything can happen in front of your camera(e.g. accident, robbery, etc.). Do not miss a moment with 24/7 recording.
  • Rewind anytime from the live player. Recorded clips can be accessible on your website as well.
  • IPCamLive hosts the video clips and make them available based on the storing interval you selected (12, 24, 48, 72 or 96 hours).
  • Record the video and play it back in the same quality as the live video stream.

Show video storage in action: