Seeking let your religious community participate in your sermon from the
comfort and safety of their home?

Fulfill their wish during these hard times, let them find salvation, and live stream the sermon!

During COVID times, gatherings and live sermons can be difficult to be hold. Live streaming sermons can allow your church to reach your community without risking anyone’s health condition.

Benefit of live streaming sermons

  • Sermons can be hold even in times if gatherings are forbidden.
  • In case of sickness, travelling or other issues that prevent people participate in the sermon in person, they can still attend it through the live stream.
  • The stream can be private as well.
  • It is cost effective.

Advanced features

  • The live stream can easily be embedded into your website. You can also use the public page of the camera hosted on our website.
  • The name and logo of your church can be overlayed on the stream.
  • Your stream is protected by our stream protection service. It prevents any copier from playing, the stream will only work on your website only.
  • Stream can be locked with a pin code (viewer can view the camera with the pin code only)

All you need is an IP camera and IPCamLive

  • White label solution is accessible for VIP costumers.
  • You do not need expensive equipment. Any RTSP/RTMP compatible camera is supported. You do not need a PC or a software to run on the camera side. You can connect your camera directly to IPCamLive's video cloud.
  • Easy to set solution. Your camera will be online in 5 mins on your web page. No further steps needed; your stream will be available 24/7.