How does it work?

Cloud based video broadcasting solution for IP cameras!

Easiest way to embed live video in your web page!

Generate time-lapse video online!

Why makes it a challenge to embed the live video of an IP camera in a web page?

  • IP cameras don’t have a video player component that is supported by major platforms
  • IP cameras serve a limited number of concurrent viewers only
  • The bandwidth is limited at the camera location, so only few viewers can be server directly from the camera

Ease to integrate with IPCamLive

  • IPCamLive provides a video player component (based on Flash / HTML5) than can display live video image on major platforms (PC, MAC, MOBILE, Tablet, ect)
  • Easy to connect the IP camera to IPCamlive system via HTTP / RTSP /RTMP / ONVIF protocol without any additional PC or software
  • IPCamLive can receive and display MJPEG / MPEG4 / H.264 / H.265 video streams
  • IPCamLive can handle 4K UHD resolution video streams as well, so high video quality can be displayed to the viewers
  • IPCamLive servers can serve an unlimited number of viewers simultaneously

Easy way to produce time-lapse clips from an IP camera

  • IPCamLive produces time-lapse clips from the video stream received from the camera
  • Time-lapse clips:
    • Long-lapse clip (long time-lapse video that capture multiple days)
    • Daily time-lapse clips (a whole day turned into a 2-minute-long video)
  • IPCamLive hosts your videoclips so you can easily embed them using the HTML snippet generated by IPCamLive
  • You can download the H.264 compressed time-lapse video clips

Different time-lapse operation modes

  • Live-stream generated time-lapse clips: This feature requires your camera to be streaming continuously. The images are captured right from the live stream of your camera. Greatest way to both have a live stream and time-lapse together that can easily be integrated into your website to promote your business.
  • Snapshot method: If you would not like to stream continuously, only during a given period or only when you have active viewer, you can use this option to generate your time-lapse clips. IPCamLive can pull static images from your camera to create time-lapse clips of your project. This method is beneficial if you are not looking for live streaming or have a mobile data connection and therefore you need to save bandwidth.