Live stream from Avigilion IP camera into web page

By using IPCamLive you can easily integrate your Avigilion IP camera into your web page

Ease of integration

  • You need only one stream from your IP camera to be transferred to IPCamLive server
  • IPCamLive can receive the stream directly from the IP camera, so you do not need any additional PC or software to run
  • You can easily embed the live video stream in your web page using the HTML snippet generated by IPCamLive
  • IPCamLive servers can serve an unlimited number of clients
  • Your video will be displayed on any device regardless of whether it is a PC, MAC, mobile or tablet
  • You can forward your live stream to social media platforms such as Facebook, Youtube, Twitch, etc.

Realtime streaming protocol (RTSP)

  • RTSP is the standard streaming protocol of the IP cameras
  • Avigilion cameras support RTSP protocol for transferring the live video stream
  • IPCamLive ONVIF tool helps you find the proper RTSP URL of your camera
  • All you need is to forward your RTSP stream of your camera on your router
  • IPCamLive connects to your camera using RTSP protocol

Here you can find a video, how to connect your camera using RTSP protocol HERE.

The next table shows the RTSP URLs supported by Avigilion cameras:

Main stream on normal camera rtsp://<user>:<pass>@<cameraip>:<port>/defaultPrimary?streamType=u
Main stream on multi-sensor camera rtsp://<user>:<pass>@<cameraip>:<port>/defaultPrimary-0?streamType=u

Default RTSP port: 554

The following table shows the models of Avigilion cameras that support these RTSP URLs:

Camera seris Camera models
H5A Camera Line 2.0C-H5A-BO1-IR, 2.0C-H5A-BO2-IR, 4.0C-H5A-BO1-IR, 4.0C-H5A-BO2-IR, 5.0C-H5A-BO2-IR, 6.0C-H5A-BO1-IR, 8.0C-H5A-BO1-IR, 2.0C-H5A-B1, 2.0C-H5A-B2, 4.0C-H5A-B2, 4.0C-H5A-B3, 6.0C-H5A-B2, 8.0C-H5A-B2, 2.0C-H5A-DO1, 2.0C-H5A-DO1-IR, 2.0C-H5A-DO2, 4.0C-H5A-DO1, 4.0C-H5A-DO1-IR, 4.0C-H5A-DO2, 5.0C-H5A-DO2, 6.0C-H5A-DO1, 6.0C-H5A-DO1-IR, 8.0C-H5A-DO1, 8.0C-H5A-DO1-IR, 2.0C-H5A-DP1, 2.0C-H5A-DP1-IR, 2.0C-H5A-DP2, 4.0C-H5A-DP1, 4.0C-H5A-DP1-IR, 4.0C-H5A-DP2, 5.0C-H5A-DP2, 6.0C-H5A-DP1, 6.0C-H5A-DP1-IR, 8.0C-H5A-DP1, 8.0C-H5A-DP1-IR, 2.0C-H5A-D1, 2.0C-H5A-D1-IR, 4.0C-H5A-D1, 4.0C-H5A-D1-IR, 4.0C-H5A-D2, 6.0C-H5A-D1, 6.0C-H5A-D1-IR, 8.0C-H5A-D1, 8.0C-H5A-D1-IR, 2.0C-H5A-DC1, 2.0C-H5A-DC1-IR, 2.0C-H5A-DC2, 4.0C-H5A-DC1, 4.0C-H5A-DC1-IR, 4.0C-H5A-DC2, 6.0C-H5A-DC1, 6.0C-H5A-DC1-IR, 8.0C-H5A-DC1, 8.0C-H5A-DC1-IR
H5A Fisheye Cameras 8.0C-H5A-FE-DO1, 8.0C-H5A-FE-DO1-IR, 8.0C-H5A-FE-DC1, 12.0W-H5A-FE-DO1, 12.0W-H5A-FE-DO1-IR, 12.0W-H5A-FE-DC1
H5A-PTZ Camers 2.0C-H5A-PTZ-DC36, 4.0C-H5A-PTZ-DC36, 8.0C-H5A-PTZ-DC36, 2.0C-H5A-PTZ-DP36, 4.0C-H5A-PTZ-DP36, 8.0C-H5A-PTZ-DP36
H5A Rugged PTZ 2.0C-H5A-RGDPTZ-DP36, 4.0C-H5A-RGDPTZ-DP36, 8.0C-H5A-RGDPTZ-DP36
H5A Corner Cameras 3.0C-H5A-CR1-IR, 3.0C-H5A-CR1-IR-SS, 5.0C-H5A-CR1-IR, 5.0C-H5A-CR1-IR-SS
H5A Dual Head Cameras 3.0C-H5A-CR1-IR, 3.0C-H5A-CR1-IR-SS, 5.0C-H5A-CR1-IR, 5.0C-H5A-CR1-IR-SS
H5A Dual Head Cameras 6.0C-H5DH-D1-IR, 6.0C-H5DH-DO1-IR, 10.0C-H5DH-D1-IR, 10.0C-H5DH-DO1-IR
H5SL Camera Line 1.3C-H5SL-BO1-IR, 2.0C-H5SL-BO1-IR, 3.0C-H5SL-BO1-IR, 3.0C-H5SL-BO2-IR, 5.0C-H5SL-BO1-IR, 5.0C-H5SL-BO2-IR, 1.3C-H5SL-D1, 1.3C-H5SL-D1-IR, 1.3C-H5SL-DO1-IR, 2.0C-H5SL-D1, 2.0C-H5SL-D1-IR, 2.0C-H5SL-DO1-IR, 3.0C-H5SL-D1, 3.0C-H5SL-D1-IR, 3.0C-H5SL-DO1-IR, 5.0C-H5SL-D1, 5.0C-H5SL-D1-IR, 5.0C-H5SL-DO1-IR
H5M Camera Line 2.0C-H5M-DO1-IR, 5.0C-H5M-DO1-IR
H5 PRO Camera Line 8C-H5PRO-B, 16C-H5PRO-B, 26C-H5PRO-B, 40C-H5PRO-B, 61C-H5PRO-B
H4 Mini Dome Cameras 3.0C-H4M-D1, 3.0C-H4M-D1-IR, 2.0C-H4M-D1, 2.0C-H4M-D1-IR, 1.3C-H4M-D1, 1.3C-H4M-D1-IR
H4 Multi-sensor Cameras 9C-H4A-3MH-270, 9C-H4A-3MH-180, 15C-H4A-3MH-270, 15C-H4A-3MH-180, 24C-H4A-3MH-270, 24C-H4A-3MH-180, 12C-H4A-4MH-360, 20C-H4A-4MH-360, 32C-H4A-4MH-360
H4 IR PTZ Cameras 1.0C-H4IRPTZ-DP45, 2.0C-H4IRPTZ-DP30, 1.0C-H4IRPTZ-DP45-WP, 2.0C-H4IRPTZ-DP30-WP
H4 Thermal Cameras 320S-H4A-THC-BO50, 320S-H4A-THC-BO24, 320S-H4A-THC-BO12, 640S-H4A-THC-BO12, 640S-H4A-THC-BO24, 640S-H4A-THC-BO50
H4ES Camera Line 1.0C-H4A-12G-BO1-IR, 1.0C-H4A-12G-BO2-IR, 2.0C-H4A-25G-BO1-IR, 2.0C-H4A-25G-BO2-IR, 3.0C-H4A-25G-BO1-IR, 3.0C-H4A-25G-BO2-IR, 1.0C-H4A-12G-B1, 2.0C-H4A-25G-B1, 3.0C-H4A-25G-B1, 1.0C-H4A-12G-DP1-IR, 2.0C-H4A-25G-DP1-IR, 3.0C-H4A-25G-DP1-IR, 1.0C-H4A-12G-DO1-IR, 2.0C-H4A-25G-DO1-IR, 3.0C-H4A-25G-DO1-IR
H4SL Camera Line 1.3C-H4SL-D1, 2.0C-H4SL-D1, 3.0C-H4SL-D1, 1.3C-H4SL-D1-IR, 2.0C-H4SL-D1-IR, 3.0C-H4SL-D1-IR, 1.3C-H4SL-DO1-IR, 2.0C-H4SL-DO1-IR, 3.0C-H4SL-DO1-IR, 1.3C-H4SL-BO1-IR, 2.0C-H4SL-BO1-IR, 3.0C-H4SL-BO1-IR
H4A Camera Line 1.0C-H4A-BO1-IR(-B), 1.0C-H4A-BO2-IR(-B), 2.0C-H4A-BO1-IR(-B), 2.0C-H4A-BO2-IR(-B), 3.0C-H4A-BO1-IR(-B), 3.0C-H4A-BO2-IR(-B), 5.0L-H4A-BO1-IR(-B), 5.0L-H4A-BO2-IR(-B), 8.0-H4A-BO1-IR(-B), 1.0C-H4A-B1(-B), 1.0C-H4A-B2(-B), 1.0C-H4A-B3(-B), 2.0C-H4A-B1(-B), 2.0C-H4A-B2(-B), 2.0C-H4A-B3(-B), 3.0C-H4A-B1(-B), 3.0C-H4A-B2(-B), 3.0C-H4A-B3(-B), 5.0L-H4A-B2(-B), 5.0L-H4A-B3(-B), 8.0L-H4A-B2(-B), 1.0C-H4A-D1(-B), 1.0C-H4A-D1-IR(-B), 2.0C-H4A-D1(-B), 1.0C-H4A-D2(-B), 2.0C-H4A-D1-IR(-B), 2.0C-H4A-D2(-B), 3.0C-H4A-D1(-B), 3.0C-H4A-D1-IR(-B), 3.0C-H4A-D2(-B), 5.0L-H4A-D1(-B), 5.0L-H4A-D2(-B), 5.0L-H4A-D1-IR(-B), 8.0-H4A-D1(-B), 8.0-H4A-D1-IR(-B), 1.0C-H4A-DC1(-B), 1.0C-H4A-DC2(-B), 2.0C-H4A-DC1(-B), 2.0C-H4A-DC2(-B), 3.0C-H4A-DC1(-B), 3.0C-H4A-DC2(-B), 5.0L-H4A-DC1(-B), 5.0L-H4A-DC2(-B), 8.0-H4A-DC1(-B)
H4 Pro Camera Line 24L-H4PRO-B, 30L-H4PRO-B, 16L-H4PRO-B, 12L-H4PRO-B, 8L-H4PRO-B
H4 PTZ Camera 1.0C-H4PTZ-DC45, 2.0C-H4PTZ-DC30, 1.0C-H4PTZ-DP45, 2.0C-H4PTZ-DP30
H4 Fisheye Cameras 6.0L-H4F-DO1-IR, 12.0-H4F-DO1-IR
H3 Micro Dome Cameras 1.0-H3M-DC1, 1.0-H3M-DC1-BL, 1.0-H3M-DO1, 1.0-H3M-DP1, 1.0-H3M-DP1-BL, 2.0-H3M-DC1, 2.0-H3M-DC1-BL, 2.0-H3M-DO1, 2.0-H3M-DP1, 2.0-H3M-DP1-BL
H3 H.264 Camera Line 1.0-H3-B1, 1.0-H3-B2, 1.0-H3-B3, 1.3L-H3-B2, 1.3L-H3-B3, 2.0-H3-B1, 2.0-H3-B2, 2.0-H3-B3, 3.0W-H3-B2, 3.0W-H3-B3, 5.0-H3-B2, 5.0-H3-B3, 1.0W-H3-BO1-IR, 1.0W-H3-BO2-IR, 2.0W-H3-BO1-IR, 2.0W-H3-BO2-IR, 3.0W-H3-BO1-IR, 3.0W-H3-BO2-IR, 5.0-H3-BO1-IR, 5.0-H3-BO2-IR, 1.0-H3-D/DO1, 1.0-H3-D/DO1-IR, 1.0-H3-D/DO2, 1.3L-H3-D/DO1, 1.3L-H3-D/DO2, 2.0-H3-D/DO1, 2.0-H3-D/DO1-IR, 2.0-H3-D/DO2, 3.0W-H3-D/DO1, 3.0W-H3-D/DO1-IR, 3.0W-H3-D/DO2, 5.0-H3-D/DO1, 5.0-H3-D/DO1-IR, 5.0-H3-D/DO2, 1.0-H3-DC/DP1, 1.0-H3-DC/DP2, 1.3L-H3-DC/DP1, 1.3L-H3-DC/DP2, 2.0-H3-DC/DP1, 2.0-H3-DC/DP2, 3.0W-H3-DC/DP1, 3.0W-H3-DC/DP2, 5.0-H3-DC/DP1, 5.0-H3-DC/DP2
H3 PTZ Cameras 1.0W-H3PTZ-DC20, 2.0W-H3PTZ-DC20, 1.0W-H3PTZ-DP20, 2.0W-H3PTZ-DP20

If you cannot find your camera in the list, you can try to discover the URLs supported by your camera using IPCamLive ONVIF Discovery Tool HERE.