New Face Blur feature for privacy protection

It allows you to place a camera anywhere without privacy concers

It is designed with privacy in mind. The AI automatically blur faces to protect the privacy of individuals appearing in your live stream. Now you can show any place where lots of people are shown on the stream without worrying about sharing sensitive informations.

Benefits of Face Blur feature

  • Comply with privacy laws and meet data protection policies.
  • Address privacy concerns by using real time Face Blur feature to hide detected faces in live video stream.
  • Made to ensure privacy in public or private areas, where you were not able install cameras before.
  • Does not require special equipment. Works with every camera on IPCamLive.

Turn on Face Blur to ensure privacy by default

  • IPCamLive can automatically detect and track faces using deep learning based video analysis.
  • You do not need additional bandwidth or resources. All computing is running on IPCamLive's server park.
  • Whenever a human face is recognised our system will automatically blur the detected area on the stream.
  • Even when a face is not completely visible, the AI can track the movement of the head and blur the moving object on screen.

See Face Blur in action: