Display any content on your live stream

Do you wish to display extra information on your stream or personalize it?

Using our Overlay Panel feature, you can use lots of widgets such as donate button, goal scoreboard for sport events, temperature display, chat panel and a lot else.

Benefits of Overlay Panel feature

  • Necessary information related to the content can be displayed on your stream (for example the scoreboard of a sport event)
  • You can get people to interact by using widgets that require them to take action (such as a chat panel)
  • It can open new sources of revenues by using specific widgets (such as our donate button, ads can be displayed on overlay as well)
  • It lets you to display the information in a unique way using your custom HTML code

Overlay Panel in action

Example HTML snippet

Following HTML snippet demonstrates how easy to display scrolling text on the live stream:

  .GeneratedMarquee {
    font-family:Arial, sans-serif;
<marquee class="GeneratedMarquee" direction="left" scrollamount="7" behavior="scroll">
  This is IPCamLive new Overlay Panel feature that enables you to display custom HTML content on the live stream!