Our player. Your graphics and colors.

Customize your player and choose your own look and feel

Use your own branding and graphics and make your player your own. Unlike any other solutions on the web, we offer a completely customisable live streaming player for you

Start customizing now!

  • Choose the exact color you want for the texts and control bar
  • Custom buttons, logos and animations that match your website design
  • Use an alternative font style of your choice
  • Localize the player to your own language

Take a look at our customised player in action on this website: https://wunderbarerbalaton.de/

Create your own video application built on IPCamLive video streaming cloud!

  • IPCamLive offer a white labelled solution for VIP costumers
  • An OEM player that can be used and embedded as your own
  • Hide any items and menus referencing to IPCamLive.com
  • Customize the context menu of the player

If you have special request about the player, let’s talk and we will fit the player to your needs!

For any further details about the customization, please contact our support team