Live stream from Bosch IP camera into web page

By using IPCamLive you can easily integrate your Bosch IP camera into your web page

Ease of integration

  • You need only one stream from your IP camera to be transferred to IPCamLive server
  • IPCamLive can receive the stream directly from the IP camera, so you do not need any additional PC or software to run
  • You can easily embed the live video stream in your web page using the HTML snippet generated by IPCamLive
  • IPCamLive servers can serve an unlimited number of clients
  • Your video will be displayed on any device regardless of whether it is a PC, MAC, mobile or tablet
  • You can forward your live stream to social media platforms such as Facebook, Youtube, Twitch, etc.

Realtime streaming protocol (RTSP)

  • RTSP is the standard streaming protocol of the IP cameras
  • Bosch cameras support RTSP protocol for transferring the live video stream
  • IPCamLive ONVIF tool helps you find the proper RTSP URL of your camera
  • All you need is to forward your RTSP stream of your camera on your router
  • IPCamLive connects to your camera using RTSP protocol

Here you can find a video, how to connect your camera using RTSP protocol HERE.

The next table shows the RTSP URLs supported by Bosch cameras:

Main stream rtsp://<user>:<pass>@<cameraip>:<port>
Sub stream rtsp://<user>:<pass>@<cameraip>:<port>/?inst=2

Default RTSP port: 554
Example: rtsp://viewer:pass@

The following table shows the models of Bosch cameras that support these RTSP URLs:

Camera seris Camera models
PTZ Cameras MIC-7504-Z12BR, MIC-7504-Z12GR, MIC-7504-Z12WR, MIC-7522-Z30B, MIC-7522-Z30BR, MIC-7522-Z30G, MIC-7522-Z30GR, MIC-7522-Z30W, MIC-7522-Z30WR, MIC-7602-Z30B, MIC-7602-Z30BR, MIC-7602-Z30BR-OC, MIC-7602-Z30G, MIC-7602-Z30GR, MIC-7602-Z30GR-OC, MIC-7602-Z30W, MIC-7602-Z30WR, MIC-7602-Z30WR-OC, MIC-7604-Z12BR, MIC-7604-Z12BR-OC, MIC-7604-Z12GR, MIC-7604-Z12GR-OC, MIC-7604-Z12WR, MIC-7604-Z12WR-OC, MIC-9502-Z30BQS, MIC-9502-Z30BVF, MIC-9502-Z30BVS, MIC-9502-Z30GQS, MIC-9502-Z30GVF, MIC-9502-Z30WQS, MIC-9502-Z30WVF, NDP-4502-Z12, NDP-4502-Z12C, NDP-4502-Z12C-P, NDP-4502-Z12-P, NDP-5512-Z30, NDP-5512-Z30C, NDP-5512-Z30C-P, NDP-5512-Z30L, NDP-5512-Z30L-P, NDP-5512-Z30-P, NDP-5523-Z20, NDP-5523-Z20C, NDP-5523-Z20C-P, NDP-5523-Z20-P, NDP-5523-Z30L, NDP-5523-Z30L-P, NDP-7512-Z30, NDP-7512-Z30CT, NDP-7512-Z30K, NDP-7602-Z30, NDP-7602-Z30CT, NDP-7602-Z30K, NDP-7602-Z30-OC, VG5-7230-EPC5, VG5-7230-EPR5
Fixed Domes NCN-90022-F1, NDE-3502-AL-P, NDE-3502-F02, NDE-3502-F02-P, NDE-3502-F03, NDE-3502-F03-P, NDE-3503-AL-P, NDE-3503-F02, NDE-3503-F02-P, NDE-3503-F03, NDE-3503-F03-P, NDE-4502-A, NDE-4502-AL, NDE-5502-A, NDE-5502-AL, NDE-5503-A, NDE-5503-AL, NDE-7604-AL, NDE-7604-AL-OC, NDE-8502-R, NDE-8502-RT, NDE-8502-RX, NDE-8502-RXT, NDE-8503-R, NDE-8503-RT, NDE-8503-RX, NDE-8503-RXT, NDE-8504-R, NDE-8504-RT, NDI-41012-V3, NDI-4502-A, NDI-4502-AL, NDI-5502-A, NDI-5502-AL, NDI-5503-A, NDN-41012-V3, NDV-3502-F02, NDV-3502-F02-P, NDV-3502-F03, NDV-3502-F03-P, NDV-3503-F02, NDV-3503-F02-P, NDV-3503-F03, NDV-3503-F03-P, NDV-8502-R, NDV-8502-RX, NDV-8503-R, NDV-8503-RX, NDV-8504-R, NII-51022-V3, NIN-51022-V3, NIN-63013-A3, NIN-63013-A3, NIN-63013-A3S, NIN-63023-A3, NIN-63023-A3S, NIN-73013-A10A, NIN-73013-A10AS, NIN-73013-A3A, NIN-73013-A3AS, NIN-73023-A10A, NIN-73023-A10A, NIN-73023-A10AS, NIN-73023-A10AS, NIN-73023-A3A, NIN-73023-A3AS, NTE-3502-F02L, NTE-3502-F02L-P, NTE-3502-F03L, NTE-3502-F03L-P, NTE-3503-F02L, NTE-3503-F02L-P, NTE-3503-F03L, NTE-3503-F03L-P, NTV-3502-F02L, NTV-3502-F02L-P, NTV-3502-F03L, NTV-3502-F03L-P, NTV-3503-F02L, NTV-3503-F02L-P, NTV-3503-F03L-P, S1460
Panoramic Cameras NDS-5704-F360, NDS-6004-F180E, NDS-6004-F360E, NDS-7004-F180E, NDS-7004-F360E, NFN-60122-F0, NFN-60122-F1, NFN-70122-F0A, NFN-70122-F1A, NIN-70122-F0, NIN-70122-F0A, NIN-70122-F0AS, NIN-70122-F0S, NIN-70122-F1, NIN-70122-F1A, NIN-70122-F1AS, NIN-70122-F1S, NUC-52051-F0, NUC-52051-F0E
Fix cameras MIC-9502-Z30WVS, NBE-3502-AL-P, NBE-3503-AL-P, NBE-4502-AL, NBE-5503-AL, NBE-6502-AL, NBE-7604-AL, NBE-7604-AL-OC, NBN-40012-C, NBN-40012-V3, NBN-50022-C, NBN-50022-V3, NBN-50051-C, NBN-50051-V3, NBN-63013-B, NBN-63023-B, NBN-65023-B, NBN-73013-BA, NBN-73023-BA, NBN-75023-BA, NBN-80052-BA, NDI-5503-AL, NDM-7703-A

If you cannot find your camera in the list, you can try to discover the URLs supported by your camera using IPCamLive ONVIF Discovery Tool HERE.

If your camera still does not work, please read the manual of your device to find the proper RTSP URL.