Social Media Streaming

Looking for an easy way to stream your video to platforms such as YouTube, or Twitch?

Multi-stream to these platforms all at once while keeping your original one. Target different groups with a comprehensive service.

Why to multi-stream with IPCamLive, why not use these platforms directly?

  • Normally you cannot stream your IP cameras to these platforms directly since IP cameras does not support the necessary streaming protocol
  • IPCamLive converts your cameras original RTSP stream into RTMP thus making them compatible with these platforms.
  • Using IPCamLive you do not need any PC or software to run for converting/transcoding your video stream to these platforms.
  • You can stream to many platforms at the same time from one dashboard.

Benefits of multi-streaming

  • Larger audience. Every platform has different audiences. You can reach more people by streaming to multiple platforms.
  • No wasted effort. There is no need for repetitive broadcasting, you can stream to multiple platforms at the same time.
  • Know more about your audience. By streaming to multiple platforms, you can measure and compare the different platforms. You can focus then to the better performing platform(s).
  • Meet your audience’s needs. If they use e.g. FaceBook, let’s stream your event there too.
  • Or redirect your audience to your website and profit from it.

Benefits of IPCamLive services

  • It can easily be embedded into your website. You can also use the public page of the camera hosted on our website.
  • White label players. There is no watermark on the player except yours.
  • Customize your player and choose your own look and feel.
  • Your stream is protected by our stream protection service. It prevents any copier from playing, the stream will only work on your website only.
  • Stream can be locked with a pin code (the viewer can watch the camera with the pin code only).
  • Generate spectacular time-lapse clips from live stream automatically.
  • Low latency streaming option (<2s).