New level of time-lapse video support

Integrated live and time-lapse video

Watch your live stream and time-lapse clips on the same place

Rich video player

  • Time-lapse hub allows you to easily switch between live video and time-lapse clips and you can also select the time-lapse/long-lapse clips to play.
  • Date and timestamp are included in the time-lapse clips, so you will always know when the clips were made
  • On the control bar you can adjust the playback speed or you can easily download the time-lapse clip in H.264 format.

IPCamLive generates multiple time-lapse clips at the same time

  • Long-lapse clip (long time-lapse video that capture multiple days),
  • Daily time-lapse clips (a whole day turned into a 2-minute-long video).

Show time-lapse hub in action: