Protect your stream with Pin lock

Do you wish to control who can view your camera stream?

There are many cases when the content of the live stream is sensitive. Using Pin lock feature you can control the access of the live stream.

Pin lock

  • The live stream will only start after the correct pin code is provided
  • Your viewers must enter a valid pin code to gain access to the stream
  • You can create individual pin codes for your viewers that can be managed simply on the setting page of your stream

Key benefits

  • Passcode-protected video sharing is a great way to control who has access to your live stream
  • Multiple pin codes enable you to control the access of your viewers one by one
  • Pin lock is a valuable tool, especially when paired with other security methods, such as domain lock

Example applications

  • Mechanic shop: provide access to the live stream when the car is being repaired so that the owner can keep an eye on the assembly
  • Pet hotels: live streaming the pets with a password protection lets the owners see their animals anytime, but no one else.
  • Memorials: live streaming is naturally sensitive, therefore having them locked with a password keeps them only visible for the authorized ones.
  • Online events: password protected event live streams are only available for those who paid for access.